Sri Lanka – Explore This Beautiful Island !

Under the British rulership the name of the island was Ceylon. The “Ceylon tea” was worldwide famous.
But Sri Lanka has much more to offer – friendly people, tropical palm fringed beaches, tropical sun, a very diverse and beautiful nature and rich culture with many attractions. That’s why Sri Lanka has received many names: “Island of the Gods”, “Land of hyacinths and Rubys”, “Pond of red lotus flowers” and “Island of Jewels”.
Sri Lanka is located on the south of India in the Indian Ocean.
These are general quick tips. Detailed information for attractions and trips can be found in this page.
We are located in the southwestern part of the island, between Bentota and Beruwala.

Beautyfull Beaches surrounded country


The magnificent, palm-fringed sandy beaches, tropical sun and the tropical environment attract visitors again and again just like a magnet.



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Everywhere you meet friendly people. The children wave to a laugh and are happy about every little thing that you give them.

In Sri Lanka school uniform clothing is worn. If you see a school class, then all children have the same clothes on.

By the way, you often see people walking with an umbrella. This provides protection against the hot sun.


Sri lanka exports the most valuble gems for all over the world. Royal wedding of UK-- "The Prince William's wedding blessed with a Sri Lankan Gem"


gems of sri lanaka


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On the streets you see many bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles and cars. But the "tuk-tuk" is still the most popular means of transport and you can see it in many colors – red, blue, green, beige etc. You can take it also at home as a souvenir -  in a carved wooden miniature.



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